Business Vision
To manufacture products that meet our customers. satisfaction and to become a dynamic company.

    Business Missions

  • (1) Satisfy customers and commit to social responsibility.
  • (2) Satisfy shareholders. expectations.
  • (3) Maximize benefits to employees.
  • (4) Commit to local prosperity through business partnership.
  • (5) Protect natural resources and environment on a continued basis
Corporate Culture

    A cu.lture ba.sed on 3S:

  • SINCERITY from all of our employees in every aspect of the business an Internal characteristic.
  • SMILE at every detaIl an external chara.cteristic.
  • SPEED In every move an action standard.
  • We aim to achieve professionalism.

  • A true professional means self growth, independence, mutual respect, trust and broad-mindedness. We support every employees who targets on becoming a professional.